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Radical Acceptance In 3 Simple Steps: A Powerful Practice For Your Business

The world exists as you perceive it. 

It is not what you see… but how you see it… 


Radical Acceptance

Let it go. Let it be. Radical Acceptance. Living to your own beat.

Radical acceptance means letting go of judgment, self-criticism, anger and other painful emotions that keep us stuck in our current situation. It means accepting life as it is without trying to change anything about it; even if we want something different. When we practice radical acceptance, we take back control from all those difficult thoughts and feelings that get us down so much that they stop us from moving forward.

As we create a new business and move forward with our purpose, we are faced with a barrage of predicaments, conflicts, challenges and emotions daily within our work and personal lives. We have the choice to either focus on them or let them go. This is where radical acceptance comes in: one of the most powerful practices you can do for yourself and your business…Read More.

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Absolute Self-Love: How To Move Out Of Stuckness And Into Your Mojo

The Underlying Factor

What do you think is THE most important factor in minimizing your reaction to stress, and maximizing your impact in the world?

What if you knew the ONE factor that could have the biggest effect on your resilience — your ability to bounce back quickly after setbacks?

Would you commit to intentionally focusing on that thing?

Who doesn’t want to shorten their reactions to stress and increase the difference they make in the world?

The ONE thing that underlies your resilience to all of life’s setbacks, stresses, mishaps, conflicts and confusions, is your capacity for Self-Love.

Self-Love, Stuckness, And Mojo… Click to Read More

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And here’s to getting your mojo on!


Work And Play – The Overlooked Truth: One Way to Uncover Your Bliss!

You know the term “follow your bliss.” 

Do you sometimes doubt that you’ve found yours, or that you’re on the right course? 

Are you unclear about what your bliss really is? There’s an easy way to know if you’re on the right track. An easy way to decide if something is your true bliss… 

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Do What You Love And You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life?

Several times recently I’ve run across the advice “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” and overall, I love it! I am all about finding your Unique Purpose on the Planet, finding your bliss, and loving what you do. 

I am NOT a fan of sticking around in a job you can’t stand, whatever the reason. Hanging around in a job you despise is the opposite of loving yourself. The world is better off (including your kids and those closest to you) when you are at your best. 

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself. — Wallace Wattles
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6 Ways To Absolutely Unconditionally Love Yourself, And Everyone Else

I’ve seen many articles, books and blog posts about the importance of unconditionally loving oneself. And most of us agree that learning to truly love yourself is vitally important. Being able to love yourself provides the foundation for loving everyone else. Self-love provides a foundation for loving, accepting and forgiving others. It helps us set healthy boundaries and work toward worthy goals. It helps us stand up for ourselves, and others. Being able to love yourself can be the crucial difference between settling for ho-hum work or relationships and living your dreams without limitations.

And, it can serve as a basis for teaching others how to treat us.

But what does unconditionally loving yourself really mean?

I ask myself —

“What would it really look like, feel like, and sound like if I had absolute, 100%, no-kidding, radically unconditional love for myself?”

Read more…

Much love! Laura

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4 Beautiful Moments From My Vacation Focused On Meditation

Meditation Vacation

What is a day and a half that is devoted to Silence, and to decreasing the noise that distracts me from my inner self, my intuition, Source, or the Universal Mind?

It’s a meditation vacation!

I took a meditation weekend was a vacation FROM noise, business, busyness, distractions, technology and the outer world. It was a vacation TO my inner world. A vacation of meditation…

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Have You Found Your Truly Preposterous Ideal? Nothing Else Matters! (MKE 23-24)

The Thought (Nothing Else Matters)

I’ve been having many moments recently in my meditations, and in my “real” walking-around life, when the thought comes into my mind that:

Nothing Else Matters.

And it’s awesome!

When I am so completely absorbed in the moment, when I am loving what I am doing, when I am 100% appreciating something in my life, when I am really truly grateful; and when I am truly accepting and embracing my absolute ideal desires and purpose (no matter how preposterous sounding), a voice pops into my head and says:

Nothing Else Matters.

How cool is that?

I find this thought popping into my brain more and more often recently and it all started when I made the decision to fully embrace my absolutely outrageous ideal. My truly preposterous real ideal.

Like no kidding, fully 100% embrace that little voice saying what my absolute ideal way of living on the planet would be. If I was absolutely doing my ideal work, living my ideal life, with no thought about what was “realistic” or made any sense to anyone — then nothing else matters!

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Dare To Think So Outrageously Big That People Think You’re Nuts? (MKE 22)

I got a note from The Universe today (you can sign up at that said: 

“Thinking small, Laura, isn’t easy or hard. It’s just a habit. A habit with consequences.  Same for thinking big.”

That got me thinking. 

I’m all too familiar with the consequences of thinking small

Thinking small leads to:
  • Lack of motivation or even complete inertia
  • stuckness
  • apathy
  • limited fulfillment
  • minimal excitement
  • little sense of meaning
  • temporary sense of achievement
  • and some good results- but limited- followed by a cycle of the same.

What are the consequences of thinking big? …

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Pick the world you know as truth, or the truth you know as preposterous?

Thinking Big

It’s taken me years to allow myself to think bigger and bigger in some areas of my life. 

It’s taken decades to be able to widen my comfort zone of beliefs, to include more and more unbelievable things. 

And I’ve been far from where I want to be.

My aim is to get to the point when I can truly say:

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Lewis Carrol

(So much wisdom in Alice’s Adventures!)

And yet, I’ve still been so far from my true ideal. 

I’ve embraced my ideal… to an extent. Which is not really embracing it at all. 

Why? Because at some level my actual true ideal, the one buried deep down inside that I’ve been shown glimpses of through the years, has still, to my subconscious and even my conscious, seemed preposterous. 

Until studying Haanel’s Master Key this week and meditating. 

And I’ve been studying Haanel’s Master Key for a year and a half. (Ask me about the best way to get started.) 

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Who am I really? The true identity of the authentic “I”

MKE (3-4)

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Creating a compelling vision


There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.  — Napoleon Hill

A compelling vision with a clear purpose and a burning desire to make it happen can ignite a fire under you. It can keep you coming back to it and working toward it no matter what.

It compels you. It drives you. You want it so badly you can taste it. You cannot NOT work toward it.

It keeps you going when you are low on energy; when you don’t feel motivated.  

It enables you to stay committed to your purpose after experiencing difficult challenges, obstacles, and even painful disappointments. It is 


Notice I did not say a wish, a hope or even a dream. 

A wish or a hope won’t compel you to move forward when fears and obstacles show up. A wish or a hope won’t even keep you moving when you’re tired, low on energy, or out of your comfort zone. 

A vague dream won’t actually compel the persistence of action needed to make your dream a reality. 

And a vague desire won’t push you through your fears, obstacles and setbacks — unless it becomes clear, rock-solid, based on your values, and backed by 


And I don’t mean a luke-warm desire or even a hot desire. It must be a burning desire to compel you to take a leap of faith, dive headfirst into unknown territory, and to keep moving toward your purpose no matter what. 

Will you risk taking a running leap over a deep canyon full of hot lava and slay a fire-breathing, three-headed armored dragon with giant Freddy Krueger claws for a warm wish?

Probably not.  Click to Read More: (Please click link to read full article and leave me a comment on the article. Thank you! 🙂